Wes is an independent Director and Cinematographer from up north, splitting his time between Manchester and London, working all over the world.   Before becoming a Director, Wes worked as an AD for almost 10 years on big budget feature films, television dramas and football commercials. Over the years Wes has directed and shot a variety of films for some big named clients and well known brands.  It was during this time that Wes learnt the craft of narrative storytelling – which is a strong feature of his filmmaking.  Wes is driven by challenging the status quo and creating films with a strong sense of passion and powerful visual imagery that goes beyond convention. His ambition is to always create films that show something more than just a story, something with an underlying message, taking the audience on a visual journey. Clients come to Wes because of his powerful vision, his ability to multi-task, to think outside the box and drive a project from start to finish.
Wes is average height, obsessed with Star Wars and finds it weird speaking in the third person.




Stories are everything.  Stories are how we entertain, educate and inform.  Captivating stories from around the campfire developed into plays & theatre and eventually into films.  Some stories can make you think, some can move you emotionally, some stories can change the world.  As a filmmaker I’m driven by the ambition to find the stories that can make a difference.  But these stories aren’t going to jump into our laps – we have to go out and look for them.  Some of these stories can be found hidden under our noses, for others we have to travel far and wide.  We have to be bold and courageous in persuit, we have to be daring and take risks.  We have to chase storms, ride the big waves and stare in to the wind in search of these stories. 


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