Wes is an independent Director and Photographer from up north, splitting his time between Manchester and London, working all over the world.
Before becoming a Director, Wes worked as an AD for almost 10 years on big budget feature films, television dramas and football commercials.
Over the years Wes has directed and produced a variety of films for BMW, Volkswagen, Heineken, XFM, FIFA, Instagram, Manchester United, Bird's Eye and Brother. It was during this time that Wes learnt the craft of narrative storytelling - which is a strong feature of his filmmaking.
Wes is driven by challenging the status quo and creating films with a strong sense of passion and powerful visual imagery that goes beyond convention. His ambition is to always create videos that show something more than just a story, something with an underlying message, taking the audience on a visual journey.
Clients come to Wes because of his powerful vision, his ability to multi-task, to think outside the box and drive a project from start to finish.
Wes is average height, obsessed with Star Wars and finds it weird speaking in the third person.